Hermitage pedestrian bridge at lake Wörthersee

Fine architecture model in scale 1:100

Gesamt mit Glas 900x491 72DPI
Detail 3 900x900 72DPI

The Salzburg-based company tragwerkstatt Ziviltechniker gmbh has once again commissioned us with the construction of an architecture model in order to make the design of a building project clearer and easier to understand.


The 1:100 scale model shows a section of the Hermitage Vital Resort of Lamplhof BetriebsGmbH in Maria Wörth (Austria), consisting of a building with a glass lift tower on the exclusive southern shore of the lake Wörthersee, an underground car park indicated on the slope and a walkway of modern design connecting the two structural facilities.


During the construction of the model, attention was paid to a simple, yet modern appearance, which could be achieved in particular through a targeted choice of materials (white polystyrene, acrylic glass, wood). A CAD model of the entire model was created in advance, which then provided the manufacturing data for all CNC machined components. The custom-made hood of acrylic glass protects the model from dust and damage.


Details about tragwerkstatt Ziviltechniker gmbh can be found on www.tragwerkstatt.at.


On behalf of Promodell, we wish the client and all participating companies good luck with the implementation of the project!



Detail 1 900x900 72DPI Detail 2 900x900 72DPI Detail 5 900x900 72DPI