Mercedes Benz Actros Gigaspace 1851

Full functionable modeltruck in Scale 1:13,2

Actros Buch 900x900 72DPI
Actros vorne rechts 900x900 72DPI

In order to demonstrate the current technical state of the art in commercial vehicle functional model construction, we have built a fully radio-controlled model of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 1851 GigaSpace on a large scale of 1:13.2.


A large-volume kit from TAMIYA was used as a basis for construction, which was modified by us in many ways.

Among other things, the complete power train of the kit was replaced by a combination of a sensitive control bell-rotor motor, a high-quality three-speed gearbox made of metal and a drive shaft corresponding to the original. All sintered bearings in the vehicle were replaced by rolling bearings, which allows the model to roll more easily and reduces power consumption. The mounting positions of the steering and shift servos were optimised to give the model more precise handling. In addition, the entire vehicle was equipped with lighting technology (headlights, main beam, fog lights, reversing lights, brake lights, indicators and position lights).


All functions of the vehicle are controlled by a Servonaut K40 controller with on-board computer and multiswitch. Among other things, this control unit also supports the built-in three-speed transmission and enables smooth shifting while driving. Engine and switching sound as well as the horn were realised via the sound module SM3, also by Servonaut.


In order to resemble the original vehicle visibly as closely as possible, all frame attachments of the kit, which give the model a toy-like character, were removed. The mounting of the battery pack was moved from the chassis into the unobservable area of the driver's cab. The fuel tanks, the exhaust treatment system, frame footboards, complete cab floor and inner door linings were fully redesigned and built according to the original vehicle.


The vehicle was painted, by agreement with Mercedes, in andorite grey metallic.


In addition to individually designed complete vehicles, the electronic components can be obtained from us directly from



Actros CAD links 900x491 72DPI Actros CAD rechts2 900x491 72DPI Actros Tanks 900x491 72DPI
Actros Licht vorne 900x491 72DPI Actros Licht hinten 900x491 72DPI