Waidhofen an der Ybbs - Schlosssteg 2.0

Consortium with competition model wins tender

Praesentation 460x220 72DPI

From the summer of 2015 a new pedestrian bridge over the Ybbs will connect the town centre of Waidhofen with the district of Zell and the castle on Eisenstrasse.


In the course of the tendering exercise, the Salzburg company tragwerkstatt Ziviltechniker gmbh commissioned us with the construction of a model to professionally round off the presentation of the design, consisting of plans and visualisations. The effort was worth it. The consortium GLS Bau und Montage GmbH / RW Montage GmbH with the subcontractors Axis Ingenieurleistungen ZT GmbH and tragwerkstatt Ziviltechniker gmbh was able to win through against 4 other bidders and was awarded the contract for the construction of the bridge.


The model, scale 1: 200, reproduces the bridge, embedded in the stylised riverbed, in detail. All the individual parts were constructed based on the CAD data provided by the client and were CNC machined from plastic. The different surface colours of the design were recreated by painting, and a few passers-by convey a sense of the size of the bridge. The custom-made cover made of acrylic glass protects the model from dust and damage.



"The model is in an entirely different league compared to previous models. In addition, Promodel did its utmost to meet the extremely short delivery schedule."
Managing Director DDI Rudolf Brandstötter of tragwerkstatt Ziviltechniker gmbh

"We will be using Promodel again to provide support for future projects."
Master builder, engineer Roland Hinterberger, Managing Director of GLS and RW Montage GmbH


Promodel congratulates the entire consortium and wishes them every success in the implementation of the project!



Schlosssteg-Design 1 900x491 72DPI Schlosssteg-Modell 3 900x491 72DPI Schlosssteg-Modell 1 900x491 72DPI
Schlosssteg-Modell 2 900x491 72DPI