Professional consultation - from the very start


A detailed consultation meeting follows every model. Only when we are completely familiar with your requests and ideas are we able to build the perfect model for you, which will then also bring you the appropriate success.

Hand craftsmanship coupled with high-tech processes


The hand craftsmanship which is essential for professional models is enhanced by us with modern production processes such as CAM, Lasercut and rapid prototyping. We generally use the original design documents from our customers as well as images and sketches.

What models are made of


are crucial factors for the quality and long service life of a model, in addition to the the materials used. We use high-quality plastics and also metals, when required for stability or function. Only high-quality paints and films, usually from the automobile area, are used for the finish on the models.

When models come to life


We will be happy to equip your model with technically ingenious features or light effects. Explain motion processes and technical processes using a touch-controlled functional model and make a professional impression.
Our drives are carefully coordinated to your model. Low-noise operation and a long service life are characteristic.

Presentation and protection at the same time


To put the perfect focus on your model, we offer bases made of plastic, wood or MDF, perfectly customized for your model which are not only adapted for the future exhibition area but also to your corporate design.
Your valuable model will be protected from dust and unwelcome contact with a tailor-made cover made of glass, acrylic glass or polycarbonate.

Confidentiality is a matter of course for us


Confidentially handling sensitive customer information is a matter of course for us, not only when constructing prototypes. This applies both to queries and also to projects which we implement. We are also happy to base our collaboration on a previously signed confidentiality agreement.

Our service does not end with the transport


We offer stable transport boxes for land and air transport or also for hand baggage especially adapted to your model. We will be happy to deliver larger models personally and install them professionally on site. It is our pleasure to provide support for you at tradeshows, for example, if a quick yet professional repair is required for a model.

Your deadline is important to us


Unfortunately, we cannot take your order today and deliver yesterday. However, we can guarantee that we will reliably deliver at the agreed-upon time.