Vehicles / Mobile Machines

Whether road or railway - we set standards


At Promodell, we construct models for commercial and special vehicles, buses, agricultural machines, construction and special machines but also railways, completely according to your specifications.


Color design with high-quality paints and labeling according to the major models are a matter of course for us. We would be happy to equip your model with electrical functions or impressive light effects.
In order to achieve the highest level of design fidelity, we build our models precisely according to your design plans or CAD data, supplemented by photos or sketches.


Impressive presents

Inspire and cultivate the relationship with important customers with unique gifts and give your client an inscribed model car, true to the details and design of the original. Often decision-makers only see your real vehicles and machines rarely; a reproduction which is true to the original on your desk will remind them daily about the sign of their trust.

Exciting Features

Demonstrate the exciting function of your product to your customer with the push of a button. Technical details can often be explained more easily using professional models than drawings and illustrations. Appealing models evoke emotions, show professionalism and increase the opportunities for sales meetings and negotiations.

Looking to the future

Take a look into the future and show what is currently in development. Design models make abstract drafts more tangible and provide support right in the early development phase for the assessment of the later effect on the viewer or the customer.

Save costs

Save transport costs and expensive booth space at tradeshows by presenting structural variations in the form of space-saving models. This also applies to business facilities where the exhibition of fully elaborated vehicles and machines is often difficult due to a lack of space.